Grand Lotto 6/55 Infographic

Grand Lotto 6/55 is one of the major PCSO Lotto Games available in the Philippines. Like other major PCSO Lotto games the bettor needs to choose 6 out of 55 numbers, that’s 1 to 55 digits. If bettor don’t have any numbers in mind he can simply inform the lotto operator to use LP or luck pick and the system will randomly choose 6 numbers for him. It can be also picked by using the Grand Lotto 6/55 card in betting the lucky pick option by drawing a line from top to downward on the space provided on the card. The bettor can also choose his 6 numbers on the card. It cost Php 6.00 per set of 6 numbers. Advanced play up to six (6) consecutive draws is also available.

Please remember lotto players can also win consolation prizes which is shown below.

- Jackpot Prize = Minimum Jackpot Prize of Php 30 Million
- Second Prize = Up to Php 200,000.00
- Third Prize = Up to Php 3,000.00
- Fourth Prize = Php 20.00

Here’s a PCSO Grand Lotto 6/55 Infographic showing popular numbers that came out on each year, the highest jackpot prize recorded, the winning numbers of Grand Lotto results since 2010 and some trivia about Grand Lotto 6/55.


Prizes amounting to Php5,000.00 and below can be claimed at any authorized Lotto outlet while bigger prizes up to 20,000 can be claimed at any of the PCSO Branch Offices or at the PCSO Head Office, PICC Secretariat Bldg, CCP Complex, 1307 Roxas Blvd., Pasay City..

Jackpot prize should validated and claimed at the PCSO Head Office, PICC Secretariat Bldg, CCP Complex, 1307 Roxas Blvd., Pasay City..


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